Travel Documents

Where a permanent resident has remained outside Canada and their permanent resident card has expired, they must apply for a travel document to allow them to re-enter Canada. Again, the permanent resident will be required to describe their travel history. If the applicant has not been able to meet the residence requirement, they can apply to keep their permanent residence and return to Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. Once inside Canada the permanent resident can apply to renew their P. R. card.

Eligibility Criteria

  • be a permanent resident of Canada
  • be outside of Canada at the time of the filing of your Canadian travel document application
  • bot be under an effective removal order
  • should not be a Canadian citizen or a registered Indian under the Indian Act
  • for more information contact us

VisaDay help you with:

  • Completing your application and advising you which supporting documents you will require. This will ensure that all requirements are met
  • Giving information on up-to-date regulations and requirements

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