Canada – Post Landing Services

Airport Pickup

A representative of VisaDay welcomes client at the Airport and transports directly to their short term accommodation.


We pre-arrange 10-days furnished accommodation for the client. The accommodation will be located in GTA – close to airport, shopping mall & public transport. If you need extra room or facility, please mention during your registration. Based on your need, length of your accommodation length can be increased

Bank Account

We understand that when you are moving to a new country there are plenty of things that need to be taken care of including banking services. Whether it is for education, work or business – Immigrants have unique needs and we help you set up your initial banking requirements with your choice of bank and make your move more comfortable. We also provide our knowledge on the unique benefits offered by different banks on New Immigrant banking packages and help you take advantage of these offers.  We also help you in getting credit cards.

SIN Number

If you intend to work in Canada whether on a student visa or a skilled migrant, and receive an income in Canada, you need to have a Social Insurance Number. A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a unique number issued to individuals and is needed for all forms of receiving income. Applying for a SIN is one of the top priorities on arriving to Canada.
On arrival, we immediately organize all paperwork to arrange for your Social Insurance Number – preferably very next business day.

Medical Insurance

We can arrange your Health insurance requirements even from the moment of landing. Ontario health insurance plan will start only after 90 days of your landing. We will provide quote & arrange insurance before you landing in Canada.

 Job Orientation

We provide to the clients:

  • Resume
  • Writing: We guide clients design their resume according to Canadian Job Market standards.
  • Interview Coaching: This includes a session to coach clients to assist them to get the job they want. This is mainly used for skilled jobs and introduces Canadian Phrases and methods of interviewing.
  • ELS : We arrange English language training – if you are in need for the training
  • Computer training : We arrange Basic Computer training – if you are looking for any such type of training

Public Transport

The Canadian transport system is very well organized and easy to get familiarized with in a short time. The main ways of public transport within the City is via Bus, Urban rail (Train) and the light rail (trams). To ensure that you settle in smoothly into a new country and are able to independently travel your way through the city we offer the following services.

  • We offer an initial orientation session on the city transportation system.
  • Provide you with the latest information guides to ensure that as beginners you are able to plan your journeys to travel safely & smoothly to your destination.
  • Provide guidelines on travelling safely.

 School Admission

We help / guide you to choose school for your child & arrange admission. Depending upon the age of your children, we will guide you the requirement before you leave your country. This will help you to arrange proper documents for school admission

Evaluation of your certificate

In Canada, your certificate may require to be evaluated. Our consultancy will help you to find easy, quick and economical solution. If needed, you have to send your transcript directly from your University to respective agency