Business Visa Canada

Important Notice: Both the Canadian and Quebec governments have placed a temporary hold on new applications for investor. This guideline expected to be in effect until early 2013, at which time the government will announce new selection criteria

Canada has much to offer a business visitor .Business Visas to Canada are generally granted to immigrants who can invest in, or start businesses in Canada. Applicants are expected to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy. The Business Immigration Programs seeks to attract people experienced in business to Canada. It allows eligible applicants to explore dynamic business opportunities, participate in trade conferences, meet with Canadian counter-parts in Canada as well as experience Canadian culture and hospitality. If applicants wish to come to Canada to travel, sight-see, enjoy leisure activities and explore business options, the Business Visitor visa is best suited for them. Although this visa does not entitle applicants to work in Canada, it does offer them the chance to experience Canada for themselves.

Business immigrants are selected based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Benefits of Business Visa

  • The Immigrant Investor will pay reasonable fees
  • Personal and Confidential service worldwide to Immigrant Investors and qualified applicants
  • We will find the right Business Immigration Program for you
  • We have a better understanding of Canadian standards, Our Immigration Consultants have regular contacts with Immigration Authorities in order to follow properly the changes in the requirements for the preparation of a Business Immigration file
  • To know more about benefits contact us.

Basic Requirements:

  • You intend to stay for less than six months and do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market
  • Your main place of business and source of income is located outside Canada
  • Profits from your business will accrue outside Canada
  • You can provide documents that support your application andYou meet Canada’s basic entry requirements, you must:
    • have a valid travel document, such as a passport
    • have enough money for your stay and to return home
    • plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit and
    • do not pose criminal, security or health risks to Canadians

VisaDay Advantages and Services

VisaDayunderstands that your decision to immigrate or study in an unknown country could be overwhelming. We make all efforts to make the entire process smooth and hassle free. Starting from correct and timely filing of the application to satisfactory settlement, VisaDay is with you, every step of the way. VisaDay officers and consultants are extremely approachable and take special care to ensure that your entire experience is pleasant and worthwhile. VisaDay consistently makes sure that the information at their disposal is current and accurate. We take extra care in making sure that our clients are updated regularly on the progress of their case.

Application processing.VisaDay understands that applications not filed appropriately could result in your visa being rejected.VisaDay helps you to file your application for the visa in accurate and timely manner whileadvising on compilation and submission of all required documents and supporting evidence. Filling of an application form requires a careful examination to review your case, going deep inside your background and ensuring that you fit in the right category. If, by any chance, the qualifying probability seems improbable, VisaDay experts know which would be the second best visa class for you. Based on our knowledge and experience, we prepare and submitthe file according to your details meeting the criteria. We regularly keep in touch with the visa offices to handle all correspondence pertaining to our client’s case.

Preparation for the interview.After filing the case, the application is reviewed on the basis of education, training and work experience. In most cases, clients receive interview waivers because of proper presentation of the case. In case, you are called for an interview, our experts will guide you to understand what kind of questions to expect in the visa interview.That helps you present your case in an effective way.

Final stage.VisaDay ensures that the medical and landing papers are issued to you promptly and without any hassle. In case, any changes are required in the medical and landing papers, we make additional representation to the immigration authorities and ensure that the papers are released without any delay.

Assistance in settlement.It takes a lot of preparations when one moves to a new country. VisaDay helps you understand what it takes to settle early in your new country of residence. We guide you at the significant stages before you move to the new country by providing all the information regarding social practices, housing, health care, children’s education, banking, traveling, taxation etc.

Business setup assistance.VisaDaywill advise you about establishing qualifying businesses starting with an exploratory visit for business class clients to the country of immigration. VisaDay offers business setup assistance by identifying the location with complete marketing research, followed by getting the business registered according to the government regulations. We introduce our clients to chartered accountants, bankers, financial experts, business management consultants and realtors for their smooth settlement.

Post landing services.After landing, VisaDay takes care of your airport pickup, accommodations, opening of a bank account, credit card, driver’s license, social insurance number, health card, finding education institutes for children, getting insurance and many more services.

Contact us at any of the VisaDay Offices for precise and reliable advice or fill the online assessment form for a quick review of your case. VisaDay commits to get back to you within 24 business hours.